GFW Youth Invitational Rules

Download Rules Here: GFW Youth Inviational Rules 2016 

GFW Youth Invitational Rules 2016


  • Official Game Time will be kept by the officials on the field.
  • The games will consist of Four Eleven minute running time quarters
  • Halftime is 2 minutes long.
  • Timeouts:  One per team only if game is within 2 goal margin and less than 3 minutes remaining in game.  Game clock stops.
  • The team that is ahead must keep the ball in the box during the last 2 minutes of the second half for all levels of play.
  • If a game is tied at the end of regulation there will one 3 minute overtime period.  No timeouts.  After the overtime period, the game will be considered a tie except in playoff games.  Championship games will be play until sudden victory.



Modified National HS Federation (NFHS) rules apply.
Stalling applies at ALL levels. There is no 20 second or 10 second count on clears.

  •  Exception: All Substitutions are on the fly (No Horn)
  • Exception: 10 goal mercy rule for Youth.  After a goal the  ball will be awarded to the losing team that trails by 10 or more goals at midfield, regardless of which team scores.
  • All technical fouls will be one minute running time. Personal fouls will be at least 90 seconds running time.  Longer penalties may be assessed at the discretion of the official per NFHS rules. The penalty will begin on official’s restart of play after penalty is called. Penalty time will be kept by the officials
  • Face-offs after each goal and the beginning of each quarter and overtime.(Unless one team is ahead by 10 or more goals and mercy rule is in effect.)
  • Officials will keep the official score.  The site manager is present to assist the officials.
  • Each Coach will sign off on score at the end of each game.



  1. Bracket Seeding is based on overall record in and out of Pool. 3 points for a win. 1 point for a tie. (3-0 beats 2-0-1)
  1. Head to Head competition.
  2. Fewest goals allowed total in all games in and out of pool.
  3. Goal differential total in all games in and out of pool (maximum is 7 per game).
  4. Total Goals Scored
  5. Coin Toss (Both coaches must be present)



In the event of adverse weather or un-playable field conditions, the Tournament Director reserves the right to:

  • Reduce game times in order to catch up with schedule.
  • Finish game before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions.
  • Reschedule games, if possible.
  • Convert the tournament to a ‘Festival’ format without playoffs or championships to enable the majority of the teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible.

Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the website.  However, weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared as soon as weather clears and fields are playable to report back to fields.



If thunder or lightning is observed at any location play will be suspended immediately and players and fans will be asked to leave the field.  Play will be allowed to resume 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning is observed.  If a game is in progress, the period will end immediately.  If it is the second half, the game will be considered final and the score at that point will be recorded.  If it is the first half, when play resumes it will be the start of the second half.  Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time.  If the start of the second half of the suspended game delays the onset of the subsequent game the following actions will occur:

  1. We reserve right to move the conclusion of a suspended game to the end of the day.
  2. The game suspended will play one 15 minute running time second half.
  3. We do face some field constraints by contract. It is possible that weather could cause some games or whole rounds to be cancelled.
  4. We will make every effort to stay on Schedule



  1. No refunds will be issued for games canceled.
  2. No refunds will be issued for games shortened due to weather.
  3. No refunds will be issued for playoff or championship games canceled due to weather.
  4. In the event we had to cancel the whole tournament due to weather only we would refund 60% of all fees paid to us within 30 days. Since teams register, and are paid for, under a lot of different names, teams will be required to complete a Weather Refund Request Form that will be available on the tournament website.  This will indicate the team(s) requesting the refund, to whom the check should be made payable and where the check should be mailed.  No refunds will be issued if a Refund Request Form is not submitted within 30 days of the tournament.