GFW Elite 60 MVP & All Star Selections


Grad Year (Boys) First Name Last Name Position
2021 Trey Sacus Attack
2020 Colby Raber LSM
2019 Joseph DeMonte Defense
2018 Miles Tillman Midfield

All Stars

Grad Year (Boys) First Name Last Name Position
2021 Shane Rivera Attack
2021 Thomas Robertozzi Attack
2021 Trey Sacus Attack
2021 Drew Togno Attack
2021 Matthew Dapper Defense
2021 Donald “Trey” Digby III Defense
2021 Cole Freeman Defense
2021 Dominick Genzale Defense
2021 Christian Hanko Defense
2021 corbin minard Faceoff
2021 Declan Maseker Goalie
2021 Maximillian LaTorre LSM
2021 Trey Fleece Midfield
2021 peter Hamilton Midfield
2021 Matt McCrink Midfield
2021 Tristan Plotts Midfield
2021 Will Spehr Midfield
2020 Michael Beil Midfield
2020 Nate Davis Midfield
2020 Ty Sams Midfield
2020 Christian Sullivan Midfield
2020 Owen Tarnowski Midfield
2020 Colby Raber LSM
2020 Connor Hapward Goalie
2020 Zachary Dudley Faceoff
2020 Robbie Booth Defense
2020 Matthew Douglas Defense
2020 Patrick Greene Defense
2020 Henry Meiselman Defense
2020 Jack DiPietro Attack
2020 mason guida Attack
2020 Brian Pohoreckyj Attack
2020 Liam Sargent Attack
2019 Ren LaMotte Midfield
2019 Michael Zima Midfield
2019 Jake (Jacob) DiBenedetto Faceoff
2019 Matthew Fermo Faceoff
2019 Joseph DeMonte Defense
2019 Asher Porphy Defense
2019 Ben Stephanos Defense
2019 Justin Gomez Attack
2019 Mitchell Kozak Attack
2019 Ben Lisle Attack
2018 Aidan Letter Midfield
2018 Kyle Pollick Midfield
2018 Max Brie LSM
2018 Patrick Trezza Goalie
2018 Ryan Kellett Faceoff
2018 Michael Florig Defense
2018 Austin Ralph-Charriez Defense
2018 Brice Talbert Defense
2018 Lonnie Jones Attack
2018 Chase Mendyk Attack
2018 Ian Waresk Attack
2018 Miles Tillman Midfield

Go Fight Win Announces Fall Showcase for 2019. 2018, 2017

When: Nov 1, 2015

Who: 50 of the nations top uncommitted recruits at each grade level

How do you get nominated: We will be taking recommendations from club programs. high school coaches, and college coaches.

Where: Morris County, NJ

Format: Skills/Drills, and 1 Full Length game of the nations top recruits. All players on one playing against the best competition in the country.

Why us? Through communication with some of the top coaches in the country, we have identified a need in the market place. There are too many fall team tournaments, where teams are pulled together of players from various age groups and unable to display their true talent. By grouping these players in their own age group, we provide the most intimate college recruiting experience in the country.